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Loaded with eight different truck models, kids have the freedom to build a variety of different styles including the Jeep, Humvee, and Pickup Truck to name a few. This type of versatility allows kids to build, break down, and build again. More models equals more fun!

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the kit comes complete with two Laser Pegs, 100 tinted bricks, four tire pegs, and a power base to supply your kid with enough light to play through the night (if you so let them of course).

The build is simple, and a large instruction set (complete with black and white pictures) aids in the process. It might be beneficial to kids on the younger end of the spectrum if these pictures were in color, since it would allow them to better identitfy the necessary bricks for each step. Regardless, having a parent or older sibling around is sure to bring success, ’cause well, teamwork makes the dream work. The entire set took me approximately twenty minutes to complete, and I didn’t run into any issues along the way.

Ultimately, this light up construction set by Laser Pegs inspires creativity and strengthens kids’ hand/eye coordination. Kids will have a blast lighting up their creations and proving that no roads are off limits.

Power BLock Truck

SKU: PB-1430B
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