Virkon is a multi-purpose disinfectant. It contains oxone (potassium peroxymonosulfate), sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, sulfamic acid, and inorganic buffers. It is typically used for cleaning up hazardous spills, disinfecting surfaces and soaking equipment. The solution is used in many areas, including hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, funeral homes, dental and veterinary facilities, and anywhere else where control of pathogens is required.[1]

Virkon has a wide spectrum of activity against viruses, some fungi, and bacteria.[2] However, it is less effective against spores and fungi than some alternative disinfectants.[3]

virkon s powerful broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant packet

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  • VIRKON BEATS MRSA Virkon, the tried, tested and proven high level disinfectant, now available in handy tablet form is the answer to the elimination of super-bug bacteria, such as MRSA, from the clinical environment. Virkon has been tested by leading UK laboratories and is proven effective against drug-resistant (and non-resistant) staphylococcus aureus, as well as environmentally transmitted viruses such as Noroviruses and blood borne viruses, such as Hepatitis A, B, C and HIV. Non-chlorine based Virkon, with an exceptional safety profile, has no noxious vapour to cause irritation to eyes and respiratory tract. Unlike hypochlorite (bleach), Virkon is not deactivated by organic matter and is therefore ideal for disinfection of body fluid spills, including urine. Virkon in powder form absorbs the spill, without the generation of chlorine, as is the case with NaDCC/hypochlorite granules. Virkon has all the attributes of a disinfectant for use in a healthcare environment in close proximity to patients. Benefits include user and environmental safety - no fumes or vapour, broad spectrum high level efficacy, environmentally sound, through biodegradability and good materials compatibility. The various Virkon presentations allow easy and accurate preparation of a single dilution for all applications, in the most economical and convenient way. Virkon is available in 5 kilo powder drums for large scale use, 500gm shaker packs for direct application to body fluids, 50 gm sachets for unit dose preparation of 5 litre volumes or 5gm tablets for small volume applications. Virkon in all forms is dissolved in tap water to form a solution effective up to 5 days or as indicated by the colour of the solution, which fades when nearing its use-life limit. Established and proven, Virkon still has all the answers. SARS (SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME) DECONTAMINATION AND PREVENTION PROTOCOLS Whilst the routes of transmission of SARS are not yet fully understood, there is increasing evidence of an environmental dimension. Decontamination of environments such as hospital rooms, clinics, private dwellings and public places (schools, etc) in which known cases have occupied is an obvious application for Virkon. In addition, Health authorities in Hong Kong and UK have also added a preventative aspect to environmental hygiene. There follows a summary of the advice given on the various websites to both Healthcare professionals and the public. Allied to this are the directions for the utilisation of Virkon to this advice. The current consensus is that virus contained in aerosols or droplets is excreted from an infected person in coughs, sneezes or vomitus. It is thought that the virus is inhaled, or, if the virus has contaminated a surface, then transmission is via another person touching that surface and transferring the virus from hand to mouth or airway. The protocols seek to minimise the opportunity for transmission via the environmental surfaces and must therefore be performed on a regular basis for prevention to be effective. HOSPITALS Inpatient Setting For care of suspect or confirmed cases, e.g. side room or A&E Department. “Surfaces should be cleaned with broad spectrum disinfectants of proven viral activity” – WHO 28 March 2003 All surfaces should be treated with 1% Virkon via a spray application for equipment and smaller surface areas and through a cloth or mop soaked in solution for large surface areas. Solution should be allowed to remain wet/damp for 10 minutes and then wiped dry.  Body fluid spills – absorb vomitus with Virkon powder until a damp slurry is achieved. This can then be scraped into clinical waste bags via paper towels, etc. Rinse the area of the spill with 1% Virkon solution, allow to 13 stand for 10 minutes and then wipe dry. Laundry – disinfect laundry in 1% Virkon solution for 10 minutes before washing in normal manner on highest recommended temperature for the fabric. Check colour fastures of fabric prior to soaking. COMMUNITY SETTINGS Medical facilities, e.g. GP surgery and Primary Care, Ambulances, etc. “Environmental surfaces … contaminated – disinfect” … PHLS UK 1.4.03 Body fluid spillages – as above for Hospitals. Surfaces – as per patient areas in Hospitals – spray/wipe 1% Virkon solution PUBLIC PLACES Recommendations from Hong Kong Department of Health: Cinemas, restaurants, schools, etc. Cleanse and disinfect facilities (furniture and toilet facilities) regularly (at least once a day) using 1% Virkon solution. If facilities are contaminated with vomitus, soak up liquid with Virkon powder, scrape up into clinical waste disposal containers (yellow bags). Rinse the affected area with 1% Virkon solution, leave in contact for 10 minutes and wipe dry with paper towels and dispose.  Wash/wipe vehicle compartments with 1% Virkon solution regularly (at least once/day). If vehicle passenger compartments are contaminated with vomitus, treat as per the above. HOME & OFFICE SETTINGS Office furniture, equipment and lifts should be cleaned using 0.5% Virkon solution – (5 gms/1 litre water in spray bottle). Wipe dry after 10 minutes contact. Toys, furniture, should be disinfected regularly (at least once/day) with 1% Virkon in a spray bottle (10gms/1 litre water). Wipe dry after 10 minutes contact. Clothes – soak in 1% Virkon after contact with SARS patient, e.g. hospital visit. Household surfaces (e.g. counter on table tops, door knobs, bathroom fixtures) should be decontaminated if known to be affected by body fluids from an infected person or on a regular (once per day) basis as a preventative measure (body fluids such as sweat, mucous, vomit, blood or urine). Laundry – disinfect laundry in 1% Virkon solution for 10 minutes before washing in normal manner on highest recommended temperature for the fabric. Check colour fastures of fabric prior to soaking.